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Ghiant RCC Bomboletta colore Blu Fluo 150ml Lexan

Ready to use, quick drying, fuel resitant light weight paint for racing, If wished for up-to 15 gr weight difference on a 1/10 scale race body, compard to pre-painted or water based coloured bodies (lower cenre of gravity)

Airbrush specifications:

Dilute with aceton


RC Car Colours have been specially developed for the painting of Polycarbonate bodies. The special solvent used etches the surface, allowing the paint to bond permanently with the polycarbonate.

Colour chartThe colours in this colour chart are only colour indications!

* Before you begin ... Remove any dirt particles from the surface to be painted.
Polycarbonate bodies:

Cut out the body and sand the cut edges. Many bodies have a transparent protective foil on the outside. Do not remove this protective foil until the paints has dried! Mask all areas that are not to be painted, by using masking film or masking tape. First paint the dark and then the light colours so as to prevent the dark colours from shining through the lighter ones. Always check to make sure that the surfaces are dry and free of dust before painting!
For best results:

Before use, shake the can vigorously for approx. 2 min. until you hear the mixing ball rattling.
Spray at a distance of approx. 20 to 30 cm. While spraying make even cross movements with the can.
The covering capacity of RC Car Colours varies slightly from one colour to the next. Always spray one very light coat at a time to avoid bleeding. The final result is obtained after 2 to 3 coats. Wait approx. 5 min. before applying the next coat. Never spray just one heavy coat!
Allow the paint to dry for 5 minutes before removing the masking film and applying the next coat.
After use, turn the can upside down and spray for 2 sec. until the nozzle is empty.

Special instructions for fluorescent colours:

Fluorescent colours appear not to cover as well as normal colours. While spraying you must absolutely make sure to apply only very light coats. Always use at temperatures above 15°C. Spray from a distance of +/-15/20 cm. Allow the colour to dry for 30 min. and back the fluorescent colour with white RC Car Colour. Only then the desired fluorescent effect will be obtained!
Coloring of windows:

For coloring the windows you can use the RC Car Colours transparent smoke-Grey spray colour. Allow the entire painted body to dry for 10 min. before you paint the windows. Spray the transparent colour onto the body from a distance of approx. 30 to 40 cm. Make sure you apply only a very light coat of paint as bleeding around the windows might easily spoil the overall appearance of an otherwise beautifully painted body!
Special instructions for glitter colours:

Glitter colours are structured so that they must be sprayed first onto the body. Special care should be taken with these colours to apply very light coats only! These colours are only effect particles that are sprayed onto the body. These colours do not cover! Allow the applied glitter particles to dry for approx. 10 min. before covering them with a base colour.
Point of attention for RC Chrome:

The chrome effect depends on how carefully you follow the instructions! Recommended working temperature: +/- 20°C.Spray very thin even coats (+/-15) on your body with intervals of approx. 2 minutes. This in order to counter undesirable side-effects (matting). Then spray RC Car print & Chrome varnish or RC Car Colour Smoke 419 from a distance of approx. 30 cm in very thin coats (+/- 8) to seal the Chrome paint. NB: Do not sand in front when using chrome onto your body (scratch effect)
Points of attention for Sapphire and Jade:

use black RC car Colour 610 or any dark base-colour as backing coat.

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Ghiant RCC Bomboletta colore Nero 150ml Lexan
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